15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 1


Bathrooms are quickly becoming the go-to spot in the home where you can put your own, unique design stamp. A far cry from traditional white porcelain sinks and tubs, and stainless steel faucets and fixtures, modern bathrooms are utilizing a variety of textures, materials and design features that create truly one-of-a-kind spaces, deserving of their very own spotlight.

Dark toned or black bathroom fixtures are a non-traditional choice that can instantly create an elevated look for your bathroom design. The versatility of dark to black bathroom faucets and shower fixtures means that they can be integrated into a wide variety of designs either blending into the aesthetic or making a statement all their own.

1. Get Curvy

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 2


The funky curves of the mirror are the focal point of this bathroom, but they do nothing to take away from the black Loft 2.0 Collection faucet. The black faucet stands out amidst a variety of neutral-shade statement pieces and stunning textures. The darker vein of the marble sinks is continued into the faucets, creating continuity while allowing each design element to stand on its own.

2. Black and White

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 3


Is there a more classic combination than black and white? We don’t think so.

This design style blends the classic combination with natural wood elements in the door and under-the-sink shelf to create warmth while maintaining a truly classic feel. The simplicity of the design allows the Brooklyn Collection faucet, with its old-world gate valve inspired handle, to become the focal point.

3. Symmetry Reigns Supreme

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 4


Classic, sleek and timeless, this Blue Collection black bathroom sink faucet features handles that mirror the straight lines used throughout this bathroom design where symmetry reigns supreme. The straight lines and 90-degree angles of the sink handles are carried from the vanity to the tile work and even to the non-traditional toilet design, creating an effortlessly clean look.

4. Blend Past and Present

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 5


19th-century brick and this Elan Vital Collection black bathroom faucet are allowed to stand out in this modern design featuring clean lines and smooth white textures. Simple yet bold, this black bathroom faucet is the perfect complement to the modern lines of the sink. Blending elements of the past and present creates a space that feels nostalgic AND modern.

5. Pair With Bold Prints

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 6


It’s hard to take your eyes off of this bathroom design featuring a black bathroom sink faucet from the Titanium Collection. The bold flower print on the walls, smooth design of the countertops, and circular mirror and sink basin all complement each other in a way that makes you want to wash your hands forever.

6. Find the Perfect Contrast

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 7


Even this stunning hand-carved sandstone tub can’t distract from the Brooklyn Collection floor-mounted black bathtub faucet. Even as the industrial faucet stands in contrast to the natural grains and textures of the tub, both elements complement each other in a way that is unexpected — but completely perfect. Blending textures can add interest and appeal, creating a perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind.

7. Make the Faucet the Focus

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 8


A minimal design allows this Brooklyn Collection black bathroom sink faucet to be the focal point. Simple, delicate touches situated next to the sink make for a soothing and serene place to unwind at the end of the day and keep the black faucet and mirror from being too severe.

8. Meld Marble and Tile

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 9


These beautifully melded textures of marble and tile pair perfectly with the Sutton Collection black shower fixtures. The black allows the different textures to flow together seamlessly and create a soothing shower and tub. The hex nut handles of the shower fixtures are a unique touch that adds an element of surprise to the design.

9. Add Some Edge

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 1


Believe it or not, the stunning and bright leaf pattern wallpaper actually takes a backseat to the edgy design of the Lily Collection bathroom faucet in matte black, featuring a dimple pattern with brass accents. Choosing a statement faucet allows other bold elements to appear more subtle.

10. Customized Contemporary

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 11


This custom, contemporary tile work is complete with help from the clean and sharp contours of the Chelsea Collection black shower fixture, which mimics the black lines and square shape of the shower tile art.

11. Bold Lines

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 12


This bathroom design is the epitome of bold. The thick accent lines on the vanity, black sink basin and striking wallpaper design are completed with the inclusion of the Elan Vital faucet. The final touch of black flowers in a black vase leaves us wondering if this design could be any more perfect.

12. Classically Simple

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 13


With so many bold patterns and designs to choose from, this bathroom chooses none of them. The simplicity of this in-progress bathroom makes it all the more striking. Clean and simple lines allow the Blue Collection black bathroom faucet to pull the design together.

13. A Metallic Touch

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 14


This incredible metallic tile adds the perfect amount of sheen to the bathroom and the marble sink creates a high-quality design touch. Completed with the Elements Collection black bathroom sink faucet, this bathroom design is sure to stand the test of time.

14. Simple and Sweet

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 15


Adding soft pink flowers to the black and white scheme of this bathroom design softens the look and adds a little bit of romance to the morning routine. The Blue Collection faucet helps to create a neutral palette where accents can be mixed and matched to change the mood.

15. Playing With Shapes

15 Bathroom Fixtures to Complete Your Design 16


This bathroom does an amazing job of using different shapes to create an eye-catching design. Circular mirrors, bold light fixtures and the black Brooklyn Collection faucet handles stand out against the rectangle tiles and glass shower door panes to create a pleasing geometric experience.

Classic and Timeless

Regardless of the design trend of the moment, classic and timeless black bathroom faucets and shower fixtures can be easily integrated into your bathroom design, creating a space that is welcoming and calming while bringing added interest to the design.

Be sure to check out our Faucet Designer to create the perfect, custom faucet for your bathroom design.