Achieve a Modern Look by Incorporating a Waterfall Bathroom Faucet into Your Design

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When designing a modern and luxurious bathroom for your client, choosing a unique faucet that captures (or even contrasts) their aesthetic can instantly bring the design together. Increasingly, people are seeing their bathroom as a place to unwind, and for those who want a modern design, it can be achieved by incorporating a waterfall bathroom spout.

This unique style of faucet creates a relaxing atmosphere that helps release stress in a beautiful bathroom that feels like a personal spa.

Incorporating a bathroom faucet that mimics the natural and soothing feel of a waterfall is a small touch that can get your clients one step closer to creating their own in-home spa. Rather than spraying down, the open spout guides the water to the edge where it cascades from the spout, creating a quieter, more pleasant experience.

Watermark Edge 35 Creates a Sleek, Modern Spa Look

Edge Faucet

This deck-mounted, three-hole waterfall lavatory set features a sleek design with unique touches that will make a statement in your client’s bathroom.

The handles include a cut out that adds interest to the design. And the waterfall spout allows for a smooth, relaxing flow of water. The squared edges and gleaming finish will look chic and stylish in any bathroom design.

Enhance Any Design With a Waterfall Bathroom Spout

Watermark’s Edge 35 waterfall lavatory set features clean lines that enhance a modern or contemporary bathroom aesthetic. This waterfall bathroom spout, with its minimalist feel, blends beautifully into the rest of the design.

But no matter the bathroom design and aesthetic, this waterfall bathroom spout will enhance it. You can even create added interest to your client’s bathroom by blending this spout with design styles that juxtapose the faucet’s modern design.

Pairing the waterfall flow with rustic design elements that aim to bring a natural feel indoors, such as a natural wood countertop with a rough edge, further brings the outdoors in. This combination creates a contrast that could be picked up in other design elements such as lighting fixtures or door pulls, creating a unique and blended style.

Whether you choose a modern or rustic design, or get really unique with a retro design, bold patterns or bright colors, the unique look of the Edge 35 will tie in seamlessly.

The Edge 35 waterfall bathroom spout can also be paired with a variety of sink basins and is beautiful enough to complement them all. The squared-off edges will mirror the edges of a rectangular ceramic sink or contrast the rounded edge of a beautiful vessel sink. Undermount sinks in nearly every style will be complemented by this faucet as well.

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Capture Nature to Create an In-Home Spa

Who wouldn’t want to start and end their days in their very own spa? While that seems like an unrealistic goal, choosing a waterfall bathroom spout can help make that dream come true for your clients. From the beautiful flow of water mimicking the soothing feel of a waterfall to the modern design, adding this waterfall faucet will create a spa-like atmosphere in your client’s very own home.

Creating a bathroom that acts as an oasis for your client requires thoughtful touches and detailed design. Larger elements of the bathroom, such as the floor and wall finishes, light fixtures, and tub and toilet, are obvious places to create the desired feel. But it’s the small details that can take a design from ok to outstanding, and a waterfall bathroom spout is the small detail that can be the finishing touch your design needs.

Wall-Mounted Options Give You Added Versatility

Traditionally, sink faucets are mounted on the deck of the bathroom sink, limiting the range of design possibilities. The wall-mounted waterfall bathroom spout option opens up opportunities to further customize the look of the bathroom and create a unique design that remains highly functional.

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Mounting the waterfall spout on the wall does create some added work. However, the effort is well worth it to create even more interest in the bathroom design.

A wall-mounted waterfall bathroom spout also has the added advantage of creating a more open feel on the bathroom vanity. Keeping the deck clear frees the bathroom from clutter and perfectly complements a modern or minimalist design.

Innovative Installation Design

This waterfall bathroom spout maintains its smooth and polished form by utilizing strong, rare earth magnets that are hidden inside the faucet’s design. For a deck-mounted waterfall spout, the components settle into the pre-drilled holes on the deck of the vanity and are secured with the permanent magnets.

For wall-mounted waterfall spouts, once the area is prepped, the faucet itself is quick to install. The permanent magnets eliminate the need for set screws, making installation quick and easy while maintaining the clean aesthetic.

Carry the Design to the Bathtub

This Watermark faucet design is also available as a wall-mounted waterfall bath spout. Carrying the design to the bathtub faucet creates cohesion in the bathroom design. The wide spout enhances the waterfall feel as the water glides into the bath, welcoming you to relax at the end of a long day.


Form Meets Function

The bathroom in any home must be, first and foremost, functional. For years, this meant bland bathroom fixtures that served their purpose but didn’t leave much room for clients to have a unique bathroom design.

Thankfully, times have changed, and clients are offered a wide range of vanities, showers, tubs, finishes and, of course, faucets. While there are now countless options for faucets, incorporating a waterfall bathroom spout into the bathroom design will help your client achieve a modern look. It can also complement other design styles, including contemporary and rustic aesthetics.

The Watermark Edge 35 waterfall bathroom spout creates a soothing spa feel as the water gently flows from the faucet and into the sink. Continuing the modern look by choosing the wall-mounted waterfall bathroom spout further enhances a beautiful modern bathroom. Your client will love coming home to a luxurious, modern bathroom that helps them relax.

For more information about the Edge 35 spout or to design your own, visit our configurator.