June 29th, 2021

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 5

The bathroom is one of the home’s most frequently visited spaces, and the colors you use can make an impact on how people experience that space. From bold and bright to subtly stylish, these eight bathroom color combinations serve up lots of inspiration and are sure to spark excitement about your next bath design.

(Don’t worry: We won’t tell if you steal a few of these impressive ideas.)

1. Fresh Colors and Floral Patterns

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 1


Even if you’re designing in a smaller space, you can go big with color. This space was created by Raili Ca Design and uses every inch of the room to invoke delight. The bright yellow tub works perfectly with the Robin egg blue bi-fold door — and both colors coordinate with the delightful floral print on the ceiling.

There are other tiny touches of style, like the metallic fixtures from the candlesticks and from yours truly a la Loft 2.0 collection faucets. All of this, you’ll note, is against a white background, but it’s not boring or plain because of the shiplap on the walls. The wood flooring is the perfect foundation for the entire space.

2. Build Around an Eye-Catching Centerpiece

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 4


You can keep wall colors more muted in your bathroom, but to make the space still pop, find pieces that make a statement to create impact in your space. This sink basin from London Basin Company adds the right amount of detail and acts as a centerpiece in the space, and the handsome gray of the wall is the best kind of backdrop since it’s a color that’s always on trend.

Our Brooklyn fixtures in vintage brass finish add elegance, and a simple wooden countertop balances the entire look.

3. Say Yes to Yellow

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 3


Interior Stylist Susie Clegg went with yellow to enhance this space, and she’s successfully created a warm, inviting bath and sink area. The dark finishes in our Elements fixtures contrast well with the bright colors in the space, while the soft pink and curves of the sink basin ensure that the sharp lines of the stone countertop aren’t too harsh.

The simplicity of the pieces in the bathroom works well with the small size of the energetic yellow tile, for a well-balanced, friendly and finished look.

4. Split Finishes and Coral Colors

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 5


This bathroom design uses split finishes, multiple textures and cheery coral color details for a thoughtful and dynamic look.

The warm tone of the cabinetry contrasts perfectly with the lighter neutral color of the counter. Gold finishes are offset by the wood finish of the unique faucet handle. We made this collection (Elements) specifically to allow the designer to play with form and shape in the space via fixtures and other complementary hardware.

The combination of textures, colors, shapes and finishes all make a bold impact on the space’s style.

5. Color Treatments With Tile

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 6


The rich green and blue colors in this space offer a playful but luxurious style to the sink and shower areas. Tile is common in bathrooms, but this designer worked with bright, bold hues to give the space personality and energy. The more neutral-toned geometric patterns in the floor tiles offer eye-catching movement to the bathroom’s style without being overwhelming.

Brut 64, one of our newest collaborations with O&G Studios, is featured in this space for the perfect finish and a totally custom look.

6. Natural and Neutral

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 7


The neutral colors in this sink and vanity area give the space a soft, inviting ambiance. Nature-inspired textures like wood and stone help to give the look an organic, earthy feel — homeowners or visitors to the space are invited to relax and enjoy the simple style of this bath area. A potted plant adds a touch of delight, and ample daylight brightens up the room naturally. (Featuring Elements, one of our favorites, yet again.)

7. Colorful Balance

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 2


The combination of gray and yellow was Pantone’s pick for “Color of the Year” in 2021. These two colors were chosen because they offer both contrast and balance, and we love how designers at NW3 Interiors achieved such a successful, finished look in this bath space.

Gray and yellow work together almost effortlessly, because according to Pantone, they’re “two independent colors that highlight how different elements come together to support one another … It is a story of color that encapsulates deeper feelings of thoughtfulness with the promise of something sunny and friendly.”

Faucet elements from our Titanium collection are featured in gunmetal to support the overall look.

8. Pretty Up Any Space With Pink

8 Bathroom Color Combinations We Love 8


Stylist Susie Clegg used a pink foundation to design this bathroom space. If you’re skeptical about the color, take note: You can use softer, sweeter shades like blush pink when you work with the right design elements. The pink color that’s used here isn’t garish or bright — it works more like a neutral, especially when paired with the fresh white color of the counter and sink basin.

The tile backsplash also features pink, combined with browns, tans and creams for a perfectly finished look. The shine of the sink faucet contrasts well too: the Elements collection helped the designer add elegance to the space.

Create More Impact When You Choose Color

There are no limits to style if you work with the right color combinations in your space, and adding details to help enhance your design will create the perfect experience.

Here at Watermark Designs, we’ve partnered with interior stylists, architects and designers to elevate their bathroom designs for decades now, whether it’s a modern space or needs a vintage feel. We’ll also work with you directly to style your space — designers often collaborate with us to come up with a custom finish or fixture style.

Check out our digital faucet configurator to inspire your next bathroom design.