October 21st, 2021

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets 3

If you are creating a cohesive and elegant bathroom, it’s important to consider every detail, including the bathroom faucets. This may seem like a relatively small design element, but it can make or break your entire aesthetic.

Aged brass bathroom faucets are a modern take on a vintage look. It pairs a rustic, industrial design with modern, minimalist sensibilities, creating an overall luxurious and sophisticated appearance.

7 Creative Examples of Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets

Here are seven unique and creative uses of aged brass bathroom faucets to inspire your next bathroom renovation:

1. Create Calming Vibes

Aged Brass Bathroom Faucet


Aged brass pairs perfectly with soft pastels and a touch of nature to create an oasis of calming vibes. The color blocking creates an ideal environment for a wall-mounted faucet, offering additional counter space. Paired with the texturized cabinetry, the wood grain wall allows light to cascade into the space and enhances the reflective surface of the brass fixture.

This calming and sensuous bathroom, designed by Kast Concrete Basins, utilizes the aged brass faucets from our Loft 2.0 Collection.

2. Utilize Dark Tones

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets 2


Dark-toned bathrooms are sophisticated and luxurious, especially when paired with light-colored fixtures. In this design, the unlacquered natural brass faucets complement the white vanity while creating contrast with the dark, marbled backsplash. If you’re interested in designing a high-end, vintage bathroom, this is an ideal way to do it.

Tiffany Grayce Harris designed this dynamic bathroom and used our stripped-down, industrial, award-winning Elan Vital Collection.

3. Embrace Vintage Looks

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets 3


Brass can create a lot of contrast with darker-toned themes, and it’s also a perfect match for a brighter, warmer environment. The mid-century gate valve styling of this faucet makes it a clear favorite for anyone with a soft spot for a vintage, industrial aesthetic. Its golden hue also creates a distinctive highlight for the navy colors featured in the wall above the vanity and the speckled candle holder.

Designed by Jessica Gosbee, this vintage bathroom used our mid-century-inspired Brooklyn Collection to magnify the space’s full potential.

4. Get Inspired By the Past

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets 4


Our Paris Collection faucets in aged brass are brought right from the past and delivered to your door in pristine condition. With the aged brass adding a touch of old-world industrial energy, these fixtures are an unquestionable complement to 1920s nostalgia.

There’s something uniquely captivating about the simple, monochromatic “hot” and “cold” labels. If your ideal bathroom design is a throwback to century-old luxury and sophistication, this is the perfect faucet for you.

5. Go Simple and Bold

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets 5


Creating an eye-catching, contemporary bathroom design has never been simpler. By pairing a minimal, aged brass faucet with a dark-toned stone backsplash, you can create a striking vanity that invites closer inspection. There’s something masculine and overtly confident about this sleek and uncomplicated bathroom aesthetic.

Designed by Lisa Staton Design, this beautiful bathroom utilizes the simplicity and boldness of our Haley Collection.

6. Enhance a Classic Look

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets 6


A classic bathroom aesthetic with modern, stylish fixtures just oozes elegance. This polished unlacquered brass faucet is the perfect addition to a warm and inviting bathroom design. They also used matching brass fixtures for the towel rack and sliding door to the walk-in shower, giving this chic little bathroom quite the modern edge.

This classic and sophisticated bathroom was designed by Ore Studios using our London Collection.

7. Pair Unique Styling With Gorgeous Flair

7 Gorgeous Aged Brass Bathroom Faucets 7


Some designs are meant to be simple while others are meant to stand out. By blending a jungle color scheme with a sophisticated Parisian flair and natural unlacquered brass fixtures, this bathroom definitely falls in the second category. The wall-mounted faucet for the his-and-her vanity creates an eye-catching aesthetic that is simultaneously inviting, bold and luxurious.

This gorgeous bathroom was designed by MGeh Real Estate Boutique featuring our elegant Paris Collection.

Enhance Your Bathroom Aesthetic With Brand-New, Aged Brass Faucets

There are no limits to the design possibilities with aged brass faucets. You can pair them with almost any color scheme, and they immediately add an industrial, vintage flair to any design aesthetic.

At Watermark, we’re proud to partner with the most creative architects, designers and stylists in the world to create elegant and sophisticated designs that will stand the test of time. Whether you’re searching for vintage luxury or minimal and bold, we definitely have something that will complement your unique vision. In fact, we’ll even work with you directly to help customize your space.

To individualize your own faucet design, head over to our digital faucet configurator today. It’s a unique tool that lets you configure and test a custom faucet setup, eliminating the guesswork from the design process.