7 Bathroom Ideas to Bring Your Client’s Bathroom Into 2020

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One of the most popular updates clients want in their homes is a bathroom remodel. The right bathroom updates can bring the room beautifully into the new decade and increase property values at the same time. With the right design tools and inspiration, designers will be able to create the bathroom of their client’s dreams.

But clients don’t just want an updated bathroom. Clients also want their bathroom updates to be on-trend with bathroom designs of 2020. Here are some examples we’re seeing of designers delivering bathroom bliss to their clientele.

1. Mix It Up

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Split-finish faucets are the easiest way to spice up the finishes of any bathroom and are a hot trend right now. A split-finish faucet can combine metal with metal, metal with wood or even metal with stone. And making the faucet the statement piece can tie together all the elements of a bathroom’s design.

Mixing finishes doesn’t need to apply to just the hardware. It can also mean mixing up the decor, such as wood paneling with concrete flooring or marble with wallpaper, as shown above. These elements add texture and interest to a bathroom.

2. Bring Nature Inside

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Nothing says relaxation more than nature. So why not bring nature inside? While we’re mixing it up, why not mix natural woods with stone? Throw in a waterfall faucet and your client’s bathroom suddenly becomes a zen-like spa experience.

Wood materials have come a long way and are now able to handle even the longest of shower-takers without wearing or rotting as they once might have. Pair light oak shades with gunmetal black for a simple, natural look in your client’s bathroom. Then add some plants such as hanging ferns, ivy or succulents and watch this natural oasis come to life.

3. Metallics

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Brass and copper are where it’s at right now and will be for quite a while. These metals are so versatile, they can be paired with any materials. Pair with marble for soft lux look or with wood for a serine, natural look. Or pair two metallics together for a dynamic, layered look that is as unique as your client. No matter what you pair metallic with, it’s sure to look incredible.

4. Minimal

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Minimalism is here to stay. But don’t think it can’t be stylish and attractive. A minimal bathroom can add a zen-like quality to any home.

With a minimal look, statement pieces add an extra layer of uniqueness. A statement sink or faucet design can take a simple bathroom from boring to wow without adding any extra mix of elements.

Calm is the key when it comes to minimalism, and simple designs allow for versatility, ensuring your client’s bathroom is as unique as they are.

5. Walls, Tiles and Wallpaper

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Wallpaper is back! Anywhere from bold, big and bright to calm neutrals and simple patterns, wallpaper is everywhere. It’s an easy way to spark life into a bathroom space and can accentuate other elements in the bathroom. Use it as an accent wall to frame a unique counter space or use it on all walls.

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Not a fan of wallpaper? No problem. Unique tile designs are a great way to add extra character to a bathroom. Mixed tile designs, like mermaid jewel tones with simple white or industrial and ceramic, or even this incredible marble swirl design pictured above, is a great bathroom idea.

6. The Little Indulgences

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Don’t think indulgences aren’t for the average homeowner? When designing bathrooms, small perks can really take a space from standard to incredible.

Heated towel bars are a wonderful luxury addition to any bathroom, adding that wow factor while making a busy life just that much more relaxing. And they are stackable, allowing heat to permeate to layers of towels so everyone can share in the warmth.

While we’re talking about indulgences, how about a steam shower? Steam showers are a cost-effective way to add spa-like luxury to any bathroom and the health benefits go beyond a luxury indulgence. Medical studies have shown improvements in skin, muscular recovery and cardiovascular efficiency with the use of steam showers.

7. The Statement Piece

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