6 Steps to a Perfect Home Spa Retreat

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Imagine a spa designed around your needs, open 24/7, that can fit you in at a moment’s notice, and is just steps away from your bedroom. When something as standard as a bathroom is transformed into a luxury spa retreat, you get all that and more.

Infuse some much needed tranquility and relaxation into your life with an update to your bathroom’s design. Whether your space needs a quick and frugal fix, or a full, luxury makeover, we’ll share the tips and tricks we’ve learned from being in this business for decades.

1. Add Calm With Color

Designing your bathroom with the right colors and texture is a surefire way to inspire a little serenity. Cool colors in pastel hues like mint green or lavender work well in a bathroom as they promote calmness and relaxation, or try an earthy neutral color for a subtle design.

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And don’t forget the walls and cabinets. When choosing the perfect color palette for your bathroom redesign, be sure to bring paint samples into the bathroom, as the lighting in there may cause the paint to look different than it does in your bedroom or in the store. If you are renting and can’t paint, or you just don’t want the hassle, you can still add color with strategically placed art.

2. Find Your Relaxation Station

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You want your home spa to look beautiful, but you also want it to function well so it’s relaxing too. Whether you fancy a soak in a bath or a cleansing steam in the shower, decide what fits in with your design, budget and needs.

If you want a deep and comfortable bath, consider a free-standing soaker tub or Jacuzzi. Short on space? Try an alcove tub. They have the smallest footprint as the standard size is only 60 inches long, and they have a three-wall enclosure, letting you fit it into your design easier.

Stand up for a massage or sit down for a steam in an updated shower design. Showers have a vast price range and can be a great option for both small and large bathrooms. Steam showers can be a particularly smart choice with their array of health benefits, such as soothing aches and pains, increasing blood circulation, aiding in detoxification and rejuvenating the skin.

3. Let There Be Light

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When you’re at a spa, you don’t sit under buzzing fluorescents or other harsh lighting (facials excluded), so why should you at home? The right illumination will both relax you and showcase your bathroom in the best light possible.

The entire vibe of your bathroom can change by upgrading outdated lighting fixtures, or by simply swapping out your regular light switch for a dimmer switch. Take luxury to a new level by adorning your design with a chandelier, or enhance the ambiance with secondary lighting, like pot lights, wall sconces or track lights.

Candles can also be a gentle way to add background illumination. Pick candles with naturally relaxing scents like lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine or vanilla. Your bathroom will be flooded with a spa-like aroma that will help coax you into relaxation.

Bringing in natural light by adding or relocating windows, expanding existing ones or incorporating a stained glass showpiece can majorly impact your bathroom’s character. And don’t forget the ceiling! Skylights can be a relaxation haven with their heavenly views.

4. Match Your Shower Head and Hardware

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While we can’t always have an actual masseuse on call, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a great massage every day. If you are changing out your bathroom fixtures and fittings to update its aesthetic, you should also consider installing a rain or cascading shower head that mimics a waterfall.

Other fixtures, like faucets, tub spouts and handles, may also need an update, so definitely don’t forget about them. Update them to match the color of your shower head to tie the bathroom together. These small changes make a big impact.

Also switch outdated fittings out for sleek and stylish glass knobs or modern drawer pulls. This quick and simple touch adds aesthetic appeal without much effort.

5. Go Green

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Plants and flowers not only add to the aesthetic, but they also add an essence of tranquility, clean the air and provide a pop of color. By adding plants to your décor, you will feel more connected to nature and can even receive health benefits, such as stress relief, enhanced productivity and increased feelings of overall well-being.

Incorporating a fresh-cut bouquet in your bathroom will indulge both your eyes and your nose. Arrange them in a vase or sprinkle some petals in the tub to release natural oils and scent.

If you don’t have the counter or floor space, consider using a vertical or hanging planter. Plants that survive well in high humidity and low light conditions will do best in a bathroom, these include Spider Plants, Pothos, Boston Ferns, Peace Lilies, Bamboo, Aloe Vera and Snake Plants.

6. Put It On Display

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Embody the same aesthetic as the spa by putting treatments and accessories on display. Not only are they visually delicious, but will also enhance your spa experience.

Invest in plush robes or towels to immediately elevate your experience. They look extra sleek either rolled or folded on a shelf. You can also update your towel bars if you don’t have shelf space.

You can also select a few of your favorite products and flaunt them. If you don’t have “pretty” products, try rehoming old ones. Putting mouthwash in a decanter and moving cotton balls to sleek glass containers is amazingly transformative. No counter space? Consider putting up a floating shelf.

Design With Relaxation in Mind

If you’re looking for more inspiration, visit Watermark’s website and follow us on Instagram for more spa bathrooms and design inspiration. Whether you decide to make a few simple changes or you want to do a complete design overhaul, remember that your new bathroom should both look good and feel great. Because let’s face it, life is hectic and we could all use a spa day!
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