July 22nd, 2021

4 Reasons You Definitely Want a Walk-In Shower

4 Reasons You Definitely Want a Walk In Shower 1


There are some bathroom designs that you’ll never forget, and we’ll bet that a few of those designs included a walk-in shower.

They work in so many different types of bath spaces, but it can be hard to know which design is best for your space. Let’s look at several reasons to include a walk-in shower in your design, along with some of our favorite projects to inspire your next bathroom design.

Reasons for a Walk-In Shower: Benefits and Features

Walk-in showers just make life better. The design offers a clean and modern look to your space, and the trend has certainly caught on in residential, hospitality and commercial designs. The benefits of a walk-in go beyond aesthetics, however.

1. Easier to Clean and Maintain.

The consistent surface of the walk-in shower makes maintenance easy on homeowners or building personnel. It’s faster to clean than bathrooms with tubs and shower curtains, which are more susceptible to mold.

This consistency makes walk-in showers a win on a few different levels. “Because you can use the same tile throughout the walls of the space, your bathroom will look more harmonious and continuous. When a room looks harmonious, it looks larger as well. You don't have to sacrifice style for practicality,” writes Annabelle Bernard Fournier for The Spruce.

2. Need It Custom? Not a Problem.

A walk-in shower can really be designed into any space, even small bathrooms. And this type of shower works for several types of design, from industrial to transitional, modern to traditional. Already have a tub in your bathroom? There are some impressive walk-in designs that will work with your existing bath space, no matter how it’s arranged.

And when you work with high-quality manufacturers, you can custom build any part of your bathroom (or kitchen, or mudroom). Not to toot our own horn too much, but Watermark Designs has collaborated with designers around the globe to create some of the most unique bath designs you can imagine.

3. Accessible + Forever Design

Walk-ins are also popular in “forever homes” and residences designed with accessibility in mind. This shower style can be specifically designed so that there’s no curb at all, ensuring that it’s wheelchair accessible and safe for anyone with mobility issues.

“It makes getting in and out very easy and can reduce the risk of falling,” according to Aging In Place.

4. Look of Luxury and Comfort

A walk-in shower design can make a difference to your home (and its value) in a few ways. “When a walk-in shower is placed in the appropriate bathroom, it can increase your home's value and make an otherwise smaller bathroom look larger,” says Annabelle Bernard Fournier for The Spruce.

There aren’t many downsides to choosing a walk-in shower. And after you check out a few of our favorite examples, we think you’ll be itching to get your design started.

Walk-In Shower Designs That Will Wow

Has it become apparent yet that we have the chops to custom build fixtures for your walk-in shower? Here are a few of our favorite shower designs.

1. Combo Tub & Shower

4 Reasons You Definitely Want a Walk In Shower 2


This inviting shower design features a walk-in shower and soaking tub combo, perfect after a long day of hiking in the woods or ten city blocks. The clean white palette gives the space a fresh, stress-free feel. Watermark fixtures in the sink and shower area support this minimal, modern design.

2. All Natural

4 Reasons You Definitely Want a Walk In Shower 5


Texture and warm tones of color make this shower a success, and the sleek finishes in this bathroom’s hardware help the design stay elevated. The designer took advantage of wall space to include the window in this shower, bringing in more natural light and elevating the shower experience further. This design is proof that walk-in showers can work in any kind of space, including the earthy, organic bathroom seen here.

3. Green & Gold

4 Reasons You Definitely Want a Walk In Shower 7


This stunning space features a delightful, round soaking tub that pairs seamlessly with the spacious shower. The grayish-green of the tile offers the perfect backdrop for the luxury of the walk-in shower, and the gold and white details in the faucet finishes offset the entire look with just the right amount of distinction.

4. See-Through Success

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This dynamic floor design adds interest to this bath space, which features a shower that’s minimal but luxurious in style. The glass design here helps to give the whole room an open feel, with perhaps less privacy but more space for the shower experience. The windows create even more space and access to the outdoors, allowing for some nature-inspired relaxation.

5. Marble Sophistication

4 Reasons You Definitely Want a Walk In Shower 6


The perfect blue is featured in this shower design, paired with marbled gray and white for a sophisticated, clean bathroom style. We love how the deep shade of the tile contrasts with the shimmer of our satin PVD brass fixtures.

Want More Ideas for Your Walk-In Shower Design?

The fixtures available for walk-in showers are just about limitless. Check out our faucet designer tool to help you design the perfect fixtures for your walk-in shower design.

Get even more inspired for your bathroom project when you take a look at these trends inshowerheads.