June 29th, 2022

25 Essential Examples of a Striking Bathroom Console Sink Installation

25 Essential Examples of a Striking Bathroom Console Sink Installation 8

When it’s time to design a bathroom, one of the main focal points is the sink and the structure in which it sits. There are three main options: vanity, pedestal and console.

A bathroom vanity includes the sink and the cabinet which holds the sink. This option creates a large amount of storage and counter space, but it can also take up a lot of space in the bathroom. This makes it difficult to incorporate into small bathrooms or those that are designed to feel open and airy.

A pedestal sink consists of a sink basin and the pedestal on which it sits. Pedestal sinks don’t have any counter space. At best, there is enough space for a bar of soap and maybe a place to rest a razor or makeup. This type of sink is a good choice for powder rooms or those that aim for a period design.

A console sink includes a countertop in which the sink basin sits. It is wall-mounted and is usually supported with two or four legs, depending on the support needed. The space under the sink is typically open, but storage can be incorporated in the form of open shelves or drawers to create an open feel in a bathroom. Because the design of console sinks is incredibly flexible, the amount of counter space is determined by the style of sink.

Each of these styles offers its own advantages. But today, we want to highlight the beauty of console sinks. We have collected 25 unique console sink designs that we love to give you inspiration for your bathroom — let’s get started!

1. Rustic Elegance

25 Essential Examples of a Striking Bathroom Console Sink Installation


This distressed wood console sink design pairs a statement mirror, eye-catching stone vessel sink and our Elan Vital Collection faucet to exude rustic elegance.

2. Stunning In Its Simplicity

Bathroom Console Sink


It’s hard to go wrong with a classic black and white color combination, and this design proves it. The stunningly simple console sink, white subway tiles, black tiled floor and a delicately embellished wall is just perfect. The look is complete with a matte black finished faucet from our Brooklyn Collection.

3. Leave Space for What’s Important

Console Sink


While this is a delicate design, it still makes a bold statement in the space. This simple console sink with metal legs showcases a unique classic porcelain vessel basin and a brushed nickel Urbane Collection faucet.

4. Everything We Need

Bathroom Console Sink With Metal Legs


When visitors walk into this space, they’ll never want to leave. Stunning wallpaper, a marble console sink, elegant Paris Collection fixtures and moody blue paint deliver everything we need to enjoy a bathroom.

5. Stick to the Facts

Console Sink With Metal Legs


The fact is that this bathroom doesn’t need much more than a console sink with gold metal legs and an Anika Collection faucet to stop us in our tracks. The large arched mirror gives up a centered curve to break up the otherwise straight lines.

6. A Tranquil Touch

Striking Bathroom Console Sink


Tranquility just flows from this photo. With the grounding pattern of the wallpaper to the marble console sink with metal legs, we’ll just be here relaxing. The faucet from our Blue Collection is finished in aged brass to match the console legs, creating a uniform design that impresses.

7. Delightfully Delicate

Bathroom Console Sink Installation


This delicately detailed console bathroom sink is the perfect home for our timeless Stratford Collection faucet. It gives this 20th-century look a 21st-century upgrade.

8. Light and Airy

Light and Airy


This large countertop could be bulky in this small space, but the grounding wood legs and light marble pattern make it light, airy and delightful. The H-Line Collection faucet adds a touch of majesty in aged brass.

9. A New Perspective

A New Perspective


We thought this design couldn’t get any better, but then we looked at it from this angle. This design features a console sink with a small countertop, but extra space comes in the form of a unique mirror with a built-in shelf. The black plumbing and console legs are matched with a black faucet from our Edge Collection.

10. Everything You Need

Everything You Need


In a world that always seems to be pushing more “stuff,” this bathroom proves that you can have everything you need at any moment. A place for soap, a place for a towel, a stool tucked out of the way and a stunning tub with a Blue Collection faucet is really all you need for an impeccable bathroom design.

11. Seeing Double — and It’s Wonderful

Seeing Double — and It’s Wonderful


One just isn’t enough when you’re working with a console sink this beautiful. Industrial console sink legs support each end of the long countertop and create two separate storage spaces underneath. The two Titanium Collection fixtures in aged brass are the ultimate final touch.

12. A Little Flair Goes a Long Way

A Little Flair Goes a Long Way


The beaded base of this stunning console sink is all this design needs to go to the next level. Each detail works together to create a design that stops your guests in their tracks. Don’t worry, it’ll stop you in your tracks, too. The bathroom features a faucet from our Transitional Collection in chrome.

13. A Minimalist’s Dream Come True

A Minimalist’s Dream Come True


An Elements Collection faucet in satin elite brass is the perfect choice for this clean and simple console sink, and the white handles complete this impeccable design.

14. Sleek and Stunning

Sleek and Stunning


This sleek and stunning console design has us seeing our Loft 2.0 Collection faucet with new eyes.

15. It’s a Textured World, We’re Just Living in It

It’s a Textured World, We’re Just Living in It


Textured wallpaper gives this bathroom depth and dimension enhanced by a marble console bathroom sink to pop from the dark. A Sense Collection faucet helps to brighten the elusive space.

16. Make It Matte

Make It Matte


Matte black Brooklyn Collection fixtures paired with a matte blue console sink give off peaceful vibes in this small but effective bathroom.

17. So Much to See, So Little Time

So Much to See, So Little Time


This console bathroom sink is truly one-of-a-kind. With so many places for the eye to go, you can almost feel the texture in the space, and it all comes together perfectly. A Brooklyn Collection faucet in satin nickel hangs above the stone basin.

18. Vintage, But Make It Modern

Vintage, But Make It Modern


Paired with our Zen Collection faucet in satin pvd brass, this console sink somehow gives vintage vibes while giving this bathroom a modern upgrade. With a cabinet underneath the sink, there is enough storage to allow the counter to remain uncluttered.

19. Who Needs Edges Anyway?

Who Needs Edges Anyway?


The rectangular console sink in this design serves to contrast the rest of the design’s softness. A circular mirror, a vessel sink and even a circular handle on the Brooklyn Collection faucet smooth the rough edges of our day every time.

20. The Morning Space We Need

The Morning Space We Need


Getting out of bed is much easier when you know you’re heading into this bathroom. The console sink features metal legs that wrap around the corners of the sink for a unique touch. A matte black faucet from our Brooklyn Collection perfectly finishes the dark metal aesthetic.

21. A Sink For Every Space

A Sink For Every Space


Console bathroom pedestals are the perfect choice for even the smallest of bathrooms. This round vessel pedestal that sits perched on an industrial-style base proves it, and a wall-mounted Elan Vital Collection faucet and soap dispenser make it all possible.

22. A Mirror Image

A Mirror Image


This mirror wall has us seeing double, which is a good thing considering that the wallpaper and console sink are so beautiful. It even looks like there are two Titanium Collection faucets suspended in mid-air — and we’re not mad about it.

23. Simple Style

Simple Style


This simple console sink is stylish and confident. With its clean, defined lines, it has nothing to prove. The minimalist aesthetic is complete with a Brooklyn Collection faucet in charcoal.

24. A Riddle: What’s Better Than One Console Sink?

A Riddle: What’s Better Than One Console Sink?


Two, of course! The clean lines of this double console sink give extra counter space with storage below to keep the space uncluttered. Two Blue Collection faucets, matching mirrors and the delicate wall sconces complete the look.

25. Get Pulled in Two Directions

Get Pulled in Two Directions


The horizontal length of the console sink with metal legs and the vertical length of the mirror have us feeling like we’re being pulled in two different directions — but we’re ok with it! The look is finished with a Blue Collection faucet to match the dark console legs.

Choose the Best Fixtures for Your Console Sink

Console sinks offer a wide range of design options that will complete any bathroom — from the smallest to the biggest; the most minimal to the most extravagant. No matter what console sink installation you choose, at Watermark, we’ll have a faucet that completes the design perfectly, adding an essential element with style.

Contact the experts at Watermark today to work with us and design a beautiful console sink.