14 Design Ideas Using High-End Brass Bathroom Fixtures

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There’s just something about brass hardware that makes us swoon. Although it’s powerful in any room of the home, brass bathroom fixtures can create a statement in many spaces, from modern to traditional and everything in between.

Benefits of Brass Bathroom Fixtures

If you’re contemplating brass fixtures in your bathroom, let us sway you. Solid brass has many benefits and is great to use in the home for many reasons.

Timeless Appeal

Brass has been used for decades and gives a classic, timeless feel to any space. It’s the perfect material to use to elevate a room’s look.


It can take quite a beating and still look fresh, which is especially good for the bathroom. Solid brass (that’s been treated with a finish) won’t rust and can be cleaned if it gets a bit corroded.

Available in Great Finishes

From aged brass to natural brass to bright polished brass, the possibilities are endless. Each finish creates a distinct look that will ensure a long life for your fixtures, and the good news is, you can’t really go wrong.

Brass Bathroom Fixtures Design Ideas

Convinced that brass is the way to go? We’re here to help, and we’ve got 14 design ideas to get you started. Use these images as inspiration to create your very own bathroom oasis.

1. Go for the Gusto

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Is too much brass a bad thing? Never! Match all of your hardware — from plumbing to lighting to decor — with your brass bathroom fixtures for a moment of wow. Keep the remaining design elements simple to prevent overwhelm.

2. Go Traditional

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It’s amazing how in a different silhouette, your brass bathroom fixtures can go from uber-modern to a touch traditional. The added detailing — extra ribbing and curves — on our Haley faucet with S1 Preston handles would be right at home in an updated traditional abode.

3. Make It Retro

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If contemporary or traditional don’t get your design engines revving, what about retro? Our Elan Vital widespread faucet in aged brass looks industrial at first glance, but combined with this 70s-inspired tile and soap dispenser, we’ve fallen in love with this retro revival!

4. Play Off Gorgeous Tile

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Patterned tile makes a design statement but add brass and it becomes next level. A brass bathroom faucet plays well with many color schemes, but looks especially stylish when played off metallic accents in the tile. Two words: Super. Chic.

5. Pair With Purple

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Purple is already an unexpected (yet outstanding!) color to choose for a bathroom, but paired with polished natural brass hardware? Forget about it! Our H-Line collection faucet is right at home in this beautiful mix.

6. Double It Up

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Double the brass, double the fun! Enhance your bath with double sinks, each featuring a brass bathroom faucet, and let the compliments roll in. Choose a wall-mount option, like our Elan Vital Collection here, for a clean design statement.

7. Pair With Light Wood

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Brass bathroom fixtures look great with white, gray and plenty of other cool-toned colors — they also pair nicely with light wood for an overall feeling of warmth. Using cream instead of white for countertops and sink will add to the welcoming vibe.

8. Choose a Split Finish

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Mixing brass with another material, like stone, adds an organic quality, while upping the detail value. We already love our Elements Collection with turnstyle handles to set the natural polished brass off, but once it’s mounted on the light marble countertop? Showstopping!

9. On the Wall

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Wall-mounted faucets can create a high-end look in a snap. Here, our West Slope faucets from Rejuvenation in aged brass pop against the white tile backsplash and simple black-framed mirrors above. Add in the dreamy turquoise cabinetry, and we’re left speechless.

10. Pair With Black

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Placing a brass faucet against a black tile backdrop is a recipe for success. Utilize a black sink and pops of white detailing to pull the whole space together, creating a look that’s minimalistic-refined.

11. Go for Contrast

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Obviously, we love brass when it pops against a dark backdrop (I mean, did you see number 10 above). This dreamy custom sink, using our Elan Vital Collection faucet, allows the brass bathroom fixture to really be the star. We’re sold.

12. Change Up the Placement

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Who says that the faucet has to be next to the wall? Change things up by putting the faucet on the side and the knob on the front of the sink, like in the image above. Add in the antique brass against the white counter and cream and green wallpaper, you get a stunning look that will make people stop and stare.

13. Make It Feminine Chic

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Use brass to help you create a feminine vibe in your bathroom. We love how this brass bathroom fixture from our Blue Collection looks paired with this custom onyx sink — warm, soft and begging us to step closer.

14. Create Depth

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Great interior design incorporates layers of pattern, color and texture for an end result that’s multidimensional. A brass bathroom faucet can act as one of the layered elements your bathroom needs to stand out. Case-in-point: Combined with the wood, marble, linens and wallpaper, our Brooklyn fixture in stain elite brass just works.

After all of this inspiration, can you imagine brass bathroom fixtures in your own space? Visit us at to find everything you’d need to make your dream a reality.