13 Upscale Faucets for Kitchen Inspiration


The faucet is one of the first things people see when they enter a client’s kitchen, and designers worldwide have embraced this functional workhorse as their go-to statement piece.

Kitchen faucets of the past were utilitarian. Sure, they got the job done, but they were quickly replaced when budgets allowed. Faucets today come in a vast array of styles and finishes allowing designers artistic flexibility to choose a style that’s perfect for their clients and their portfolio.

Upscale Kitchen Faucets Designs

Below are 13 kitchen faucets, chosen from our amazing community of Instagram designers, to get your wheels turning for your next design project.

1. Thinking Outside the Box



📷: @americandream_design

As kitchens become more custom, it’s becoming the norm to create an area that’s exactly what you need. This double sink with built-in drainboards is made of the same material as the rest of the counter for a stunning display.

To make the most of the design, the faucets are wall mounted to the backsplash, with the single sprayer taking a spot between them for maximum functionality. Plus, the sprayer comes with an independent control, allowing the user to control the volume and temperature independently from the kitchen faucet. Now you’ll get beauty, form and function, all in one.

2. Cool, Clean Lines



📷: @mutuus_studio

Say goodbye to ubiquitous stainless steel and traditional faucet shapes. These faucets feature a rich, dark finish with clean lines and angles to match the rest of the cabinetry and space. They work beautifully as an accent to the two counter areas, drawing the eye as if each was a piece of art.

3. Industrial Bridge



📷: @robdiaz13

Transitional kitchen design is a unique blend of traditional and contemporary style. In order to be successful, there needs to be a balance between the two designs, right down to the faucets. This industrial bridge-style faucet and pot filler are the perfect blend of classic and modern styles, fitting in perfectly with the rest of the room.

4. Organic Style



📷: @studiodearborn

Faucets in warmer, softer finishes bring an entirely different feel to your kitchen. Brass finishes feature a more antique finish with a different character and charm than steel. Paired with the more natural styled kitchen, the brass finish on these faucets gives them an organic appearance, as if they grew up out of the counter.

5. Spreading Out



📷: @juliestv13

Bridge style faucets aren’t new, but they often look out of place in today’s larger, more contemporary kitchens. The widespread bridge faucet in this image matches the size and shape of the sink while adding a touch of warmth to the otherwise cool-colored kitchen. The contrast in style and color really makes this faucet stand out from the crowd.

6. Bright Spot



📷: @jvlphoto

Including different metal finishes in one space can really elevate a design and bring it into greater focus. This unlacquered brass faucet stands out brightly against the stainless steel fridge nearby, while still tying in nicely with the cabinetry handles. Its clean lines are in direct contrast to the older-style finish, adding depth to the kitchen.

7. Contemporary Elegance

Kitchen 7


📷: @karirae

The gooseneck faucet will never go out of style with its elegant arch and minimalist lines. This two-hole bridge faucet leaves the area around the sink clean and uncluttered, the matching sprayer keeps it functionally coordinated, and its stunning finish makes sure to catch your eye.

8. Wheels in Focus



📷: @tilebar

The handles on a faucet are something we interact with every day. Rather than choose a simple lever or a spoke handle, consider making a statement with industrial wheel handles. They turn just like a wheel, adding a layer of satisfaction to their use and style to the design.

9. Modern Industrial Design



📷: @robdiaz13

When most people consider bridge faucets, they’re thinking of the more classic, Victorian design. This bridge faucet is anything but classic, however. It’s industrial style pipes and valve-fitting handles are the perfect complement to transitional designs like Rustic Modern, as well as more contemporary settings.

10. Sleek, Minimal Style



📷: @liz_kamarul

Every detail in a small kitchen is going to have a big impact on the space. This sleek, minimal bridge faucet adds a graceful arch to the design, mimicking the curves in the black and white tiles and adding a touch of sophistication to this beautifully renovated RV.

11. Complimentary Style



📷: @kitchencovecabinetry

There are few designs that can fit in with nearly any setting, but this monoblock faucet is one of them. The simple lines, side spray and gooseneck spout allow this faucet to fit in with both contemporary and classic kitchens, letting you achieve any style you want.

12. Geometric Design



📷: @mikeshivelyarchitecture

Geometric patterns behind a faucet can be tricky. It takes intentional planning to balance contrasting and coordinating shapes so the elements work together without being too matchy-matchy. This Brooklyn faucet does just that, with its square bend matching the square tiles, while the single side-mounted handle gives it distinction against the backsplash.

13. Modern Centerpiece


Some contemporary styles really need to make their presence known when all the lines and angles in the room are alike. When that’s the case, you need a faucet that can be bold while staying minimalist in style. This polished chrome faucet has enough attention-grabbing style to make it stand out in the rest of the space, without stealing the show.

Plus, this faucet comes with linear joystick valves, meaning that you pull the handle towards you to turn the water on, instead of twisting, making it easy to use the faucet, even with full hands. Who wouldn’t want a faucet that’s both practical and beautiful?

Faucets Are for Everyone

No matter your clients’ style, there’s a kitchen faucet that is perfect for their design. We always think the best choice is one that functions beautifully and walks that fine line between complimenting and contrasting their room design.

If you’re struggling with a tricky project or need a sample of one of our stunning finishes, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. We’re here to help!