12 Uncommon Bathroom Designs That Will Make You Look Twice

Spring Green

The most desirable bathroom is a place homeowners want to show with pride while still keeping the serene nature of their unique space. But how do you create a bathroom that stands out?

Thankfully, there is a wealth of bathroom designs available to get inspired. From the extraordinary to the unconventional, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 12 uncommon bathroom designs that are sure to make you look twice!

1. Graphite



A standout bathroom is one that is confident. These hexagonal graphite tiles are so unique, we can’t help but give more than a second look.

Gone are the days where mixing metals was a faux pas. Introducing different colors, like this unique black and copper Watermark split faucet combo, brings out different shades in the graphite tiles behind it, lending depth and interest to the bathroom. Pair it with a classic marble sink and countertop combo, and wow!

2. Black and Gold

Black and Gold


This bathroom takes a page out of a royal palace. It’s simple yet effective with a neutral and complementary color palate.

The black freestanding tub with gold lining is a stunning contrast with the stone floor and focus wall in the background. Carrying that gold element through with the industrial pipe faucet really completes the look and is top in bathroom trends right now, while the rich wood slatted sliding doors on either side add soft sophistication. If we had a bathroom like this, we’d never leave!

3. French Pocket Doors

French Pocket Doors


Is there anything that says metropolitan chic like this French pocket door shower design?

The black pane detailing paired with cool tones and white shower tiles makes for a shower experience that you won’t want to end. But look closer: That red, split-finish gate valve faucet is what really makes this shower beyond incredible.

4. Tiffany Blue and Brass

Tiffany Blue and Brass


This 1960s throwback, yet completely modern, bathroom is stunning. The Tiffany blue-green shade with the brass wall-mounted faucet is a perfect complement to the freshness of this white tub. It is crisp and clean — and waiting for suds!

The small detailing of brass trim on the built-in shelf carries the look seamlessly through the rest of the design, making this bathroom one that is sure to please everyone.

5. The Zen Waterfall

Zen Waterfall


Is there anything better than adding a waterfall to your bathroom?

This split-faucet design beautifully incorporates nature with the stone handles and an organically carved stone sink, creating a fixture that is unforgettable. Waterfall faucets are a stunning look that easily adds serenity to any bathroom.

6. Brushed Brass Steam Shower

Brushed Brass Steam Shower


Shower trends have come a long way from plain white tile, and this shower is proof.

Simplicity is key here, with a brushed brass faucet design and black hexagonal tiles that add texture and sophistication. But why stop there? While you’re ramping up the wow factor, try adding a steam shower. Thank goodness luxury is always in style.

7. Art and Matte Black

Art and Matte Black


Instagram in the shower? With this shower design, why not! Making a shower a work of art, like this fabulously designed bathroom, is a great way to add personality and create a head-turning bathroom.

The monochrome palette with a pop of red makes this shower stand out and the matte black rainfall showerhead will start anyone’s day off right.

8. Terracotta Warmth

Teracotta Warmth


Terra cotta, bronze and copper combine to create a warm, sandalwood scented experience. This bathroom is a slice of earthy serenity that will make your guests speechless.

The wall-mounted sink is a stunning and artistic way to showcase a Mediterranean design that feels like a unique take on traditional. Add in some bronze fixtures and you have a bathroom no one will ever want to leave.

9. The Statement Sink

Statement Sink


When in doubt, start with a statement sink and build around that. This gorgeous artisan porcelain sink is a slice of artistry that is Instagram worthy.

But what really makes the sink pop is the copper and charcoal wall-mounted split faucet and simple patterned countertop. We believe this bathroom will get more than a second glance.

10. Yellow Sunshine

Yellow Sunshine


Is this not the happiest bathroom you’ve ever seen? A central feature piece can really pull a bathroom together — and this yellow clawfoot tub makes this space one that will brighten anyone’s morning.

Paired with a houndstooth style flooring and brass wall-mounted faucet, this bathroom is the height of cheerful sophistication.

11. Spring Green

Spring Green


For those who love the outdoors in the springtime, this bathroom design is for you! The wood-textured green wall and eclectic standing bowl sink make this a bathroom like no other.

And see that split faucet design? It’s the perfect way to bring the design together.

12. Copper Minimalist

Copper Minimalist


Now this is a minimalist design that is far from sparse.

Copper combined with warm wood tones gives a spa-like feel while these unique white tiles bring this soft look together. To give this look some edge, add in a split-faucet design like this copper and black wall-mounted faucet. There is everything to love in this bathroom.

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