September 9th, 2021

12 Striking Faucet Valve Wheel Handle Designs

Bold and Bright

One way to infuse individuality and style into a bathroom design is to choose a faucet with standout handles. Whether they feature knurling, smooth stone or (our favorite) a valve wheel, faucets with unique handles add a touch of something special.

Our signature faucet collection, the Brooklyn Collection, was designed as a timeless homage to the city we love. In designing this collection with Incorporated Architecture & Design, we wanted to honor our beloved Brooklyn by designing our valve wheel handles to mimic gate valves found in mid-century housing blocks. Our Brooklyn faucets are a functional statement in a bathroom, standing out from other faucets and even honored by being featured in the South Street Seaport Museum’s “Made in New York Installation.”

Let’s check out these 12 striking faucet valve wheel handles to get the ideas flowing.

1. Black and White Beauty

12 Striking Faucet Valve Wheel Handle Designs


Sleek and stylish, black and white is a classic color combination. A wall-mounted Brooklyn faucet features a round faucet handle that contrasts the sharp angles of this bathroom tile work and sink basin, adding a contrasting softness to the design.

2. A Satin Brass Delight

A Satin Brass Delight


The subtle gold in this vanity top and backsplash is enhanced by the elite satin brass finish of this beautiful faucet and soft curve of the round faucet handles.

3. Play With Faucet Handle Placement

Play With Faucet Handle Placement


When the spout and handle are independent of each other, you can play with the placement to design a sink that stuns. Keeping the spout and valve wheel handle in line vertically rather than horizontally adds a touch of something special to this bathroom.

4. A Faucet That Won’t Be Outdone

A Faucet That Won’t Be Outdone


The innovative and exciting bronze chainmail wall treatment has the potential to be the only focal point in this design — but not if the Brooklyn floor-mounted bathtub faucet has anything to say about it. Standing tall above the bathtub in all of its aged brass glory, it refuses to be outshined by any other design element.

5. Embrace Color

Embrace Color


One of the things that makes our Brooklyn round faucet handles even more unique — yes, it’s possible — is their capacity to evolve just like the city that inspired them. These industrial faucet valve wheel handles feature a vivid green finish that simply wows.

6. Deck-Mounted Darling

Deck-Mounted Darling


The Brooklyn faucet and the valve wheel handle are often mounted to the wall or backsplash, but they can also be deck-mounted. This gunmetal faucet finish adds a brooding touch to this dreamy design. Plus, the single handle design gives a clean, uncluttered look while giving you more functionable counter space.

7. Maximize Counter Space

Maximize Counter Space


This design maximizes counter space by mounting the spout to the deck and the handles to the front of the countertop. These easy-access industrial faucet valve wheel handles shine with their satin brass finish that contrasts the satin nickel of the spout.

8. Classic White

Classic White


Classic white is always in style, especially when it’s contrasting with a dark gray countertop. This unique design ties in the colors in the walls perfectly while still remaining classy and intriguing to whoever uses the sink.

9. Why Should the Faucet Have All the Fun?

Why Should the Faucet Have All the Fun?


Did we just blow your mind? Valve wheel handles aren’t just for faucets. Adding one to the toilet makes flushing way more fun. Plus, it’s a great way to continue hardware designs throughout the entire bathroom space for a cohesive design.

10. Spice Things Up

Spice Things Up


For a bathroom with a little spice, red valve wheel handles on a chrome faucet adds the bold style that you’re looking for. This is a great way to add a pop of color to your neutral space or tie in other colors from different aspects of the bathroom.

11. Authentically Aged

Authentically Aged


Our green patina finish truly captures the old-world look and feel of a Brooklyn faucet. Hand-sponging three layers of oxidizing agents ensures that our take on weathered copper is unique each and every time.

12. Bold and Bright

Bold and Bright


If you’re ready to add color to the bathroom, you don’t have to stop with the handle. Featuring a faucet in a bold and bright color adds a level of excitement to the bathroom sink that gets people excited to wash their hands and especially stands out in an otherwise monotone bathroom.

Get Your Hands on a Valve Wheel Handle

The valve wheel handles featured in our Brooklyn Collection of industrial faucets will be a bathroom focal point for years to come. With our unique range of finishes and ability to accommodate unconventional valve wheel handle and spout placements, you can design a bathroom that is completely customized.

We can’t wait to work with you to complete the perfect bathroom with the perfect faucet. Contact our experts today for help choosing the ideal faucet to complete your design.