April 27th, 2021

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 5

Monoblock faucets are a minimalist bathroom designer’s dream. Slim and sleek, they take up less counter space than a standard or widespread faucet, and their unique profile adds individuality to a bathroom.

What Is a Monoblock Faucet?

A monoblock faucet is simply a faucet where the spout and handle are mounted directly to the main body. Some monoblock faucets have their handle mounted on the top, others have the handle or handles mounted to the side. A typical monoblock faucet only has one handle, but there are many designs that feature two handles, giving you plenty of customization options.

Unique Advantages of Monoblock Faucets

Takes Up Less Counter Space

Counter space is usually at a premium, especially in scenarios such as city living apartments, tiny homes, half baths, RVs and more.

A monoblock faucet takes up less space than a traditional faucet because the handles are mounted directly to the main body rather than on the countertop.

Easier to Clean

With everything attached to the main body of the faucet, there is less to clean, making cleaning easier and faster.

Quick to Install

Needing just a single hole, installing a monoblock faucet is fast and easy.

Unique Look

Faucets can easily go unnoticed. Many faucets are only concerned with function, but monoblock faucets combine form and function to create a unique look that can be customized to the bathroom’s aesthetic and act as a focal point.

These 12 monoblock faucet design styles will have you clamoring to install one in your bathroom as soon as possible.

1. The Modern Monoblock

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 1


The Brooklyn Collection features a variety of styles, including the monoblock faucet. With its signature gate valve-inspired handle perched on the top of the main body, it is easy to operate in order to get the temperature just right.

2. So Fresh and So Clean

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 2


The fresh and clean look of this Loft 2.0 Collection faucet enhances the minimal style of this bathroom. The unique elements and universal form of this monoblock style faucet will be the envy of all your friends.

3. Old-Fashioned Meets Modern

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 3


Don’t let this faucet fool you. It may look old-fashioned, but with its modern valves and aeration, this Elan Vital Collection faucet allows you to bring old-world charm into your modern bathroom. Its stripped-down aesthetic makes it perfect for a minimal design, or it can stand on its own against competing elements.

4. Make the Bar a Focal Point

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 4


Who doesn’t love a good wet bar? Many times, these spots are tucked into small spaces, making every bit of counter space count. The space-saving nature of a Brooklyn Collection monoblock faucet means that there’s more room for what really matters … the drinks!

5. Superior Symmetry

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 5


The clean lines of the Blue Collection faucet make it ideally suited as a monoblock faucet. Two handles offer superior control over water temperature and lend a pleasing symmetry to the design, and if you want to take it to the next level, add a pop of color on the handles, as in the design above.

6. The Stately Guardian

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 6


Presiding over an elongated vessel sink, this stately Elan Vital Collection monoblock faucet seems to stand guard over a beautiful design — and comes in four different heights with four spout projected lengths to choose from.

7. A Faucet That Can Hold Its Own

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 7


Among the beautiful elements of this rustic bathroom, this pewter monoblock bath faucet stands out in its own right. The Brooklyn Collection tub filler sports industrial handles and the wood panels invokes a feeling of cabin life — and in the center of it all, the monoblock faucet stands tall.

8. Go All In With Gold

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 8


The best things in life are gold — or at least this bathroom makes us think so. Featuring bronze chainmail on the walls and a Brooklyn monoblock bath faucet in Aged Brass, this layout proves you don’t need an expansive design to make a statement.

9. Bring in a Little Drama

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 9


This dramatic black-and-white design features a Titanium Collection monoblock faucet in an Ebony finish — and a little drama never hurt anyone. And in case the finish isn’t dramatic enough, this faucet features a progressive cartridge where the handle is built into the body, not on top or to the side of the faucet.

10. Strong Lines. Bold Design.

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 10


As a two-handle monoblock faucet, this Matte Black Elan Vital Collection faucet makes a strong statement even amidst the bold lines of the wallpaper and the black-framed marble vanity.

11. Soft Meets Edgy

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 11


It takes a minute to soak in all of the details in this beautiful bathroom. Calming blues and gray veined marble are set off by black touches and the confident masculinity of a monoblock faucet from the Haley Collection.

12. Small Space Stunner

12 Monoblock Faucet Design Styles 12


The slim profile of this Loft 2.0 Collection monoblock faucet makes it particularly well-suited for a small space. The aged brass finish is the perfect complement to the rich wood cabinets and brass hardware.

Find the Perfect Monoblock Faucet With Watermark

At Watermark, we have monoblock faucets in a wide range of collections. With a wide variety of styles and 26 custom finishes to choose from, you’ll find the perfect faucet and finish to complete your bathroom, bar or kitchen area.

Try our Faucet Designer to create the luxury faucet of your dreams, or contact Watermark with your project’s specifics for help finding the best faucet.