10 Industrial Style Kitchen Faucets to Stir Up Inspiration

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Industrial style is close to our hearts here at Watermark, and nobody does industrial fixtures better than us. After all, our faucets are designed and built-in Brooklyn, a historic industrial center. From contemporary to transitional, industrial style kitchen faucets can look right at home in a variety of designs — the opportunities are endless!

Industrial style takes its inspiration from old factories and warehouses, combining architectural details with exposed brick, metals and wood. The look is neutral and utilitarian but still welcoming, making the kitchen a perfect place to showcase it.

Industrial Style Kitchen Faucet Designs

Are you ready to cook up the kitchen of your industrial dreams?

Below, we’ve curated 11 looks that star industrial style kitchen faucets; whether you want to go all out or just create a moment, there’s a scene to inspire!

1. Go for the Gusto

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If an industrial style kitchen faucet speaks to you, why not go all out? At Watermark, we’re known for our architectural details, and our Elan Vital Collection is a quintessential industrial option.

Using parts reminiscent of commercial ball valves and plumbing unions, this range offers a unique visual combined with the advantages of modern valves and aeration. Sold yet?

2. Pair It With a Light Interior

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Again, when we think of industrial-style hardware, images of exposed brick, dark finishes and wood beams in the surround come to mind. What about thinking outside of the box?

Instead, place an industrial style kitchen faucet, like our Elan Vital in a Gunmetal finish, in a light and bright kitchen. The results are unexpected and will create a standout feature in the space. Bonus utility points for an added soap holder and the faucet’s telescopic feature that lets it extend both upwards and outwards, so it can adjust to your exact needs.

3. Channel Chip and Joanna

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Believe it or not, an industrial style kitchen faucet is the perfect complement to farmhouse interiors. In this kitchen, white subway tile, exposed wood shelving and a dark apron front sink look like they’re pulled right from an episode of “Fixer Upper.” And our Elan Vital faucet fits right in.

4. Consider a Pot Filler

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A cook’s dream — a wall-mount pot filler — can add a high-design aspect to your kitchen, allowing you to fill large pots without lumbering around the sink. Why not echo the industrial style kitchen faucet’s look and choose an industrial pot filler as well? You’ll end up with a beautiful and cohesive design.

5. Go a Little Bit Country

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Another farmhouse-inspired look, this country kitchen is unfussy and inviting. Our Elan Vital faucet in a bright gold finish looks right at home amidst the white apron sink, patterned tile floor and wood frame windows. We can just imagine a warm summer breeze coming through the open window, blowing in the scent of freshly bloomed roses.

6. Mix It Up

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As we’ve proven, industrial style faucets don’t have to be relegated to just industrial-style kitchens. Utilize one in a contemporary kitchen or a more traditional kitchen for an eclectic look.

Above, traditional light wood cabinetry and ceiling panels, plus an oriental rug, are mixed with modern stainless steel appliances, bright marble countertops and our Elan Vital faucet to create a unique kitchen space.

7. Making a Metallic Statement



Mixed metals are all the rage in fashion — this trend translates to home decor, too. Don’t be afraid to mix and match finishes in your kitchen for a modern, individualistic look.

Here, the industrial style elevated widespread faucet in brass from our Elan Vital collection pairs with a black-and-white scheme. With accents of stainless steel and copper, it’s a look right out of a magazine.

8. Go Rustic

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Industrial can go rustic, too! How great does this industrial style double kitchen faucet look with a beautiful deep — and double! — granite sink and tons of exposed wood? We actually wouldn’t mind doing the dishes here. Especially if you add in a matching handheld hand sprayer to make washing pots a breeze.

9. Create a Custom Option

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Want to create a faucet that’s truly unique? Our Elan Vital combines the utilitarian aesthetic of industrial design with the ability to completely customize a kitchen faucet for a look that’s perfectly suited for your style. An added bonus is the telescopic feature: the ability to adjust the height and depth of the faucet any time you use it making it truly adaptable to any situation.

10. Go Minimalistic

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There’s just something about a minimalist kitchen that’s so drool-worthy, no? Open space, clean lines, no clutter...heaven. Add an industrial style kitchen faucet to a space like this for a bit more pizzazz than a sleek and modern standby.

From country haven to minimalistic retreat, industrial style kitchen faucets can be the answer. View our range of options at and let us help your kitchen shine.